With a unique and customized speaking style, Tinesha challenges listeners to look past where they are and fight for where they want to be.  Committed to motivating and training tomorrow’s leaders today, Tinesha’s success is based on her ability to assist individuals and organizations with achieving real results.  

I Was Born to Lose But I Chose to Win


1 to 2 hours

Adversity is a reality, but reaction is a choice. We cannot escape pain, difficulty, failure, tragedy and heartache. Eventually it will find us despite our best efforts to protect ourselves. All too often, people are tempted to run from challenges, see mistakes as failures, give up when a situation gets tough or lose all hope when faced with hardship. Having personal fortitude and resilience was a game changer for Tinesha Cherry. In this dynamic and fast paced experience, Tinesha will use her own powerful story of overcoming extreme adversity (abandonment, living in extreme poverty, suffering unimaginable abuse and neglect) to serve as an example of what can be achieved through resilience and perseverance. This extremely powerful presentation mixes high-energy, humor, and crowd participation to deliver practical, useable and actionable content, including: the art of becoming much more productive and effective; the skills needed to outperform the competition; the steps necessary to create a winning mindset; the secret to setting and attaining personal and professional goals and the key to turning obstacles into opportunity.

I Am S.H.E. - Setting High Expectations


1 to 2 hours

Participants in the I Am SHE workshop will discuss real issues and identify real solutions affecting women in a fun, interactive and informative manner.  Discussions throughout the workshop are inspiring, thought provoking and empowering.  Workshop activities/exercises call for a period of self-reflection, study and assessment on the part of each participant. 


The goal of the workshop is for participants to receive information that will:

  •          Identify challenges and discuss solutions to address issues faced by women

  •          Identify best practices and discuss ways to advocate for women, and

  •          Identify pathways that will encourage and support the continued advancement of women


Participants will engage in discussions, activities and exercises that will focus on:

  •          Team Building

  •          Leadership

  •          Sisterhood

  •          Perseverance

  •          Confidence

  •          Self-Awareness


To date, the feedback regarding this workshop has been overwhelmingly positive.  The positive feedback has been consistent regardless of position, time in service, time in management or agency affiliation.  Positive feedback from such a diverse group of women both from within the agency and the general public, not only gives me confirmation that this workshop is useful, but it also gives me the motivation needed to keep moving forward with offering and providing this training.    

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