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Leadership Trainer   Motivational Speaker   Author

"Ask more of yourself, then ask more of others."

As a premier keynote speaker and leading authority on achievement for audience’s small and large; Tinesha motivates, encourages and inspires people to meet the challenges of daily life.  She skillfully uses her compelling story to deliver a message of hope and inspiration to help you achieve your best personal, professional and educational dreams.  She has trained hundreds of leaders across the country to lead with confidence and maximize their leadership skills.  She has been able to translate her experiences into hard hitting coaching that will help you achieve top personal and professional performance and transform your life!  Tinesha has always been of the belief that she has an obligation to reach back and touch the lives of others.  To that end, she is committed to the community from which she came, devoted to positively impacting the life of someone else and determined to bless another the way that she has been blessed.  Tinesha understands her responsibility to promote growth and prosperity within our society and she does not take this obligation lightly.


“Where you come from doesn’t dictate where you are going”

My name is Tinesha Cherry and I am a fighter.  My mother was an addicted to heroin.  I was born with heroin in my system.  I don’t know who my father is.  As a child, I suffered years of physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse.  I grew up in extreme poverty.  My earliest childhood memory is one of living in an abandoned building, with no food and having to place old vegetable cans on the window seal when it rained just to get water to drink.    I have endured multiple foster care homes/families, where I continued to suffer unimaginable horrors, to include abuse and neglect.  I am also the product of the adoption system. 

Throughout my life, I have suffered the judgment, criticism and ostracism of others, to include some family members.  The world told me that I wouldn’t amount to anything, because statistics tell us that a child who is subjected to even one of those misfortunes in life is less likely to be a successful and productive member of society, let alone one child who is subjected to such a multitude of misfortunes. When the world told me that I would be lazy, lack focus, unmotivated, not dedicated and uneducated, I chose to fight back to break the chain of poverty, self-pity, doubt, hopelessness and helplessness.  When the world set low expectations FOR me and even lower expectations OF me, I chose to stand when it would have been easier to stay down on my knees.  I chose Win despite being born to Lose……..  

Today, I am a wife, mother, author, poet, motivational speaker, leadership trainer, success coach, entrepreneur, volunteer and federal law enforcement officer, where I currently serve as a fifth level manager responsible for both local and national programs within my organization.

As a product of extreme adversity myself, I have experienced firsthand the difficulties faced by children to overcome the feeling of abandonment and isolation, which can often manifest into anger, resentment and insecurity.  Often times, children who have been subjected to abuse, neglect and abandonment, never find the strength and courage needed to overcome their situation.  Many turn to violence, alcoholism, drug abuse or promiscuity as a way to deal with the pain or to find a place of acceptance. 

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