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Leadership Trainer   Motivational Speaker   Author


“Where you come from doesn’t dictate where you are going”

Having experienced extreme adversity as a child, Tinesha Cherry has firsthand knowledge of the
power of resilience, the impact of optimism and the outcome of perseverance. Tinesha was born
to a mother addicted to heroin, she was born with heroin in her system, she has never met her
father, she has been subjected to physical, mental and emotional abuse and molestation, her
earliest childhood memory was living in an abandoned apartment building where she and her
family had to put old food cans on the window seal when it rained just to get water to drink, she
has survived the foster care system and she is the product of the adoption system.


When the world told Tinesha that she would be lazy, lack focus, unmotivated, not dedicated anduneducated, she chose to fight back to break the chain of poverty, self-pity, doubt, hopelessnessand helplessness. When the world set low expectations for her and even lower expectations ofher, Tinesha chose to stand when it would have been easier to stay down on her knees. Shechose Win despite being born to Lose.

Mrs. Cherry is very passionate about her work in the community and she doesn't take herresponsibility lightly. Mrs. Cherry spends and enormous amount of time teaching people aboutself-empowerment, self-control, self-motivation, self-determination, self-confidence and self-respect. Mrs. Cherry wants to transcend social, racial, and cultural barriers and have an impacton the lives of every man, woman and child who have ever felt deprived, inferior, powerless,hopeless, or cope less. She helps people understand that they have the power to take control oftheir own destiny, no matter their circumstances.


The Philanthropist

Tinesha Cherry is the founder of Project D.R.E.A.M. and She Strong International.
She Strong International- Tinesha Cherry is dedicated to helping girls and women develop the
skills, outlook and framework needed to achieve greatness now and into the future. Through her
organization She Strong International, Tinesha aims to promote growth, prosperity and greatness
in adolescent girls and women everywhere, regardless of age, race, social standing or economic
status. Her vision is to enlighten, encourage and empower women across the country and the
world to awaken, build, strengthen and reveal their inner champion. She Strong hopes to build
the self-esteem and self-worth of all girls and is dedicated to helping women of all ages, during
all stages, through all phases of womanhood to be bold, brave, beautiful, brilliant and balanced.


Mrs. Cherry has helped hundreds of women both locally, nationally and internationally to
identify their personal vision, address the pain and break the chain of self-doubt to reshape their

Hard work, perseverance and resilience are the values that Project DREAM and She Strong Intl
are founded on. Each year She Strong Intl awards a scholarship to a deserving college bound
high school graduate who exemplifies those qualities.

Project D.R.E.A.M.   -Tinesha Cherry is dedicated to promoting growth, prosperity and greatness
in at risk youth. Through her organization Project D.R.E.A.M. (Delivering Results Effectively to
Advance Myself), Tinesha aims to create a ripple effect to break the cycle of poverty by helping
those who come from economically depressed areas obtain the vision, inspiration, resources, and
the specific strategies needed to attain positive life goals. Tinesha focuses on transformational
thinking, personal development and economic growth to help build the self-esteem and self-
worth of at-risk youth.

Tinesha Cherry routinely speaks at schools, youth events and youth programs to promote
personal resilience, self-empowerment and career preparation. Tinesha Cherry has encouraged
and empowered hundreds of at-risk youth to expand their outlook on life through education,
leadership and direction through her efforts as a philanthropist.


Tinesha Cherry the International Speaker

Tinesha Cherry is the CEO of Tinesha Cherry Speaks. Mrs. Tinesha Cherry has been involved in
mentoring, leading, empowering and influencing audiences for more than 21 years. As an
international speaker with a focus on personal resilience, Tinesha uses coaching, training,
workshops, presentations and mentoring, to deliver practical, useable and actionable content to
equip audiences with the hope, inspiration, knowledge and skills needed to rise above adversity
and achieve their best personal, professional and educational dreams.

Tinesha has both national and international experience delivering keynote speeches on personal
resilience. As an international motivational speaker, poet and leadership trainer, Tinesha Cherry
has had the opportunity to work with and speak to diverse audiences that range from first and
second line supervisors who work for multiple agencies within the Federal government to
performing poetry in front of a crowd of 15,000 on the mall in Washington, DC.

Mrs. Cherry has a proven track record in professional speaking/training in nearly two dozen
states across the U.S. and in countries such as Canada, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and
Egypt (3/2020).

Tinesha Cherry the Leadership Trainer

As a trainer/coach, Mrs. Cherry has trained hundreds of leaders across the country to maximize
their leadership skills and lead with confidence. Mrs. Cherry and her team have traveled across
the country providing training to hundreds of supervisors and managers from multiple agencies
throughout the federal government. Through Mrs. Cherry’s leadership training, participants
learn to overcome insecurities, build confidence, courage and character and take the actions
necessary to contribute to the realization of their professional dreams and aspirations.

Tinesha Cherry the Author

Mrs. Cherry is the author of “I Was Born To Lose, But I Chose to Win”, a book where she tells
her own powerful story of overcoming extreme adversity (abandonment, living in extreme
poverty, suffering unimaginable abuse and neglect etc.), to serve as an example of what can be
achieved through perseverance. Mrs. Cherry’s book has been introduced into the social work
program at Southern Arkansas University and has been added to the catalog of books at several
other schools/universities.

Mrs. Cherry is also the author of the upcoming book “The W.I.L.L. To Lead”, a book that helps
women achieve greatness both in their personal and professional lives by teaching them to be
bold, brave, brilliant, beautiful and balanced. Throughout her book, Mrs. Cherry gives women
the tools, knowledge, support and encouragement needed to embrace a winning attitude, adopt a
fighting spirit and develop a strong sense of self-worth. With the help of Mrs. Cherry’s book,
women everywhere will learn how to transition beyond the challenges and obstacles of the
present, toward a future full of opportunity and optimism.

Mrs. Cherry is also the author of the upcoming book “A Glimpse of The Sun,” a book that will
feature nearly 100 of her most thought-provoking poems.


Tinesha Cherry the Poet

As a poet, Mrs. Cherry specializes in writing and presenting tailor made poetry for any occasion.
With a collection of original and thought-provoking poems, Mrs. Cherry uses her gift of
motivational speaking through poetry to empower others, strengthen her community, bridge
barriers, highlight issues and identify solutions to address real concerns that plague our society.
Mrs. Cherry has written and published numerous poems and has performed her poetry in a
number of open forums in front of both large and small audiences (upwards of 15,000 plus).
Many of Mrs. Cherry’s poems have received national attention, as they have been featured in
national publications and introduced in national training courses.

Tinesha Cherry the Award Recipient

Mrs. Cherry’s work has been featured in several local and national publications and she is the
recipient of numerous awards and acknowledgements for her work in the community, to include,


  • Philanthropist Award-Vigor International 2017

  • Secretary’s Meritorious Service Silver Medal- Department of Homeland Security 2017

  • Female Entrepreneur of the Year- Michigan Association of Female Entrepreneurs 2017

  • Warriors Award (Perseverance) - National Association of Women Business Owners 2018

  • Spirit of Detroit Award (Philanthropy) - Detroit City Council 2018

  • Dr. Tererai Trent Award (Philanthropy) - National Association of Women Business Owners 2019

  • Friend of Girl Scouting Award- Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan 2020

  • Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All Award - Women Economic Forum (WEF)

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