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Tinesha Cherry is the author of “I Was Born To Lose, But I Chose to Win”, a book where she tells her own powerful story of overcoming extreme adversity (being born with heroin in her system, being abandoned by her mother, never knowing her father, being subjected to physical, mental and emotional abuse and molestation, living in poverty and enduring the foster care system before finally being adopted), to serve as an example of what can be achieved through perseverance.  Her book is designed to help anyone (especially those individuals who have been subjected to extreme adversity), begin to heal, believe in their worth, build their survival skills and continue to move in a direction toward success.  Mrs. Cherry’s book has been instrumental in helping to motivate, encourage and inspire people everywhere to create their own path of success and become the author of their own story.  Further, her book has not only given people the encouragement needed to survive their situation, but it has also given them the inspiration needed to thrive in spite of their hardships.

"I Was Born to Lose But I Chose to Win" Book

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