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Ask more of yourself, then ask more of others.

Author, poet, motivational speaker, life coach and leadership trainer, Tinesha Cherry is a dynamic speaker who is full of energy, passion and enthusiasm.  Her outgoing personality, charisma and sincerity make her a favorite among small businesses, nonprofit and community leaders, schools, churches and other organizations within her community.

“Tinesha Cherry was able to connect with our workshop participants in a very unique way.  Her enthusiasm and powerful life story challenged the audience.  Don’t assume that you can’t achieve something just because of the life you are born into.  Your positive attitude, along with certain angels, can take you to higher ground.”


- Sister Janice Brown, O.P.

Dominican Literacy Center

- Leah T Johnson

Curriculum Coordinator, Alternative for Girls

“Tinesha Cherry is a phenomenal motivational speaker and poet.  She is a woman of courage, resilience and creativity.  As a curriculum coordinator at a local non-profit, it was obvious that I needed to bring Ms. Cherry in as a guest to speak to the young women I work with.  Her life story and commitment to empowering others is what makes her the person she is.”


“Tinesha Cherry delivers a message that can only be summarized as a real talk, no excuses, reality check for youth and young adults who need to learn how each of our choices now have an effect on our futures later….and each of us has the will to chart our own course.  I am appreciative of Tinesha’s commitment and selflessness.”


- Caroline Sanders

Founder-President of Educating Our Future

Regional Manager of Eastern Michigan University-Detroit

“Hearing Tinesha Cherry speak was extremely moving and motivating. Both her story and her attitude was something that was very inspiring. I appreciated her raw emotion and commitment to motivating  others. I was inspired after attending, to push myself to achieve more and I am grateful to have attended.”


- Lindsey 

Workshop Attendee

“What a blessing it was to attend this workshop in Miami. I feel stronger and ready to face any challenges and obstacles that come my way. The seminar really impacted me in a way you can't imagine.”


- Marisol

Workshop Attendee

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