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Ask more of yourself, then ask more of others.

Author, poet, motivational speaker, life coach and leadership trainer, Tinesha Cherry is a dynamic speaker who is full of energy, passion and enthusiasm.  Her outgoing personality, charisma and sincerity make her a favorite among small businesses, nonprofit and community leaders, schools, churches and other organizations within her community.


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She Strong International aims to enlighten, encourage and empower woman of all ages, during all stages, through all phases of womanhood to be bold, brave beautiful, brilliant and balanced. 

“Tinesha’s genuine spirit, grit, and inspirational story brought dynamic energy to our attendees,
both business owners and organization partners.  We are excited to continue working with
Tinesha to empower women to live their best lives.” 


- Jen Earle, Chief Executive Officer, National Association of Women Business Owners

“Extraordinary, emotional and inspiring words were shared by Tinesha Cherry at the Rhonda
Walker Foundation’s Rise Up for Girls Fundraising Breakfast. Tinesha’s words resonated
throughout the room capturing the hearts and minds of everyone present.  Her ability to deliver a
message of hope and inspiration through her personal journey is truly compelling. Tinesha’s
gifted, thought-provoking poetry and unique story-telling moved the audience to tears, rising to
their feet, with grateful applause!”

- Ruselda M. Villanueva Johnson, Chief Executive Officer,
Rhonda Walker Foundation

“Tinesha uses her powerful words and life experiences to spill beauty out of brokenness. She
encourages, uplifts, and straightens other women’s crowns wherever her words touch. Our
audience was both moved and comforted by her recitations. The National Women’s History
Museum looks forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Tinesha!”


- Lori Ann Terjesen,
Ph.D., Director of Education, National Women’s History Museum

“Tinesha Cherry has participated in some of our foremost events as an event host, keynote
speaker and panel moderator. In all these roles, Tinesha was electrifying, captivating, authentic
and inspiring. She knows how to engage an audience and is always the highlight of our events.
Tinesha has always exceeded our expectations!”


- Tonya McNeal-Weary, Founder & Executive
Director, Michigan Association for Female Entrepreneurs.

“Tinesha, It was truly an honor to moderate your session. Your speech gave me goosebumps
from the beginning until the very end. Thank you for sharing your powerful story with us.”


-Reshma Ramaiah, Session Moderator, Women’s Economic Forum 2020 Digital Summit

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